Indigenous History


Ira Timothy (or @thatnativeguy79 as he goes by on tiktok) is a Lenni Lenape/Diné content creator from southwestern Ontario, Canada. The self-proclaimed "Indigenous Weirdo" began to make one post a day in June 2021 with "interesting Native tidbits, just for you" to commemorate Canada's Indigenous History Month. (The United States has their comparable celebration in November.)  Ira's series was so popular, he has continued to occasionally add parts; he's up to 39 so far!

We here at Four Directions Coalition have become fans of Ira's comedy, as well as his ability to present history in an engaging way. When we asked his permission to post his videos, we were so excited that he accepted.*

We hope you enjoy Ira's bite-sized bits of Indigenous History, free from the whitewashing we all learned in school.

*(Please do not repost these videos outside of TikTok without first obtaining permission from @thatnativeguy79.)

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