Ojibway Horses

Ojibwe Horses are Canada's Indigenous breed. Small and resilient, a spirit animal and traditional helper, the last four of these ponies were rescued in 1977 at Lac La Croix, Ontario. Four Directions Coalition aims to help the Ojibwe Horse Society preserve this special, unique horse breed.

Local Action Fundraiser

Description to come.

Water Crisis

Our mission is to provide innovative clean water solutions to address the ongoing water crisis on at least 1 First Nation community is what originally brought Four Directions Coalition. The objective is to bring international attention to this crisis, as well as inspire policy change and new collaborative efforts to address this longstanding issue. 

How To Guide

We are putting together a guide to help you be able to organize events to help your local Indigenous communities.


The Four Directions Coalition works not only to educate those around the world, but to make a difference in our local communities and across Turtle Island.  Here you can read about the projects we are currently working on and even get involved.

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